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Money sites are free for the first year. Use the form on this page to register for your website. Order as many as you need. Your first website includes hosting for the first year! Each year the hosting is $75 and that includes SSL, eCommerce software, email support, installed theme, training videos and so much more. It’s your website. Do what you want with it.

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Ripple Posts are a great way to promote your business. Keep in mind that this is a benefit for being members only but not a right! You get 1 post on the Wealth Ripple Facebook page and Instagram based on what we create. You may use the graphic that we create for you to post on your own with us. That additional post is with will be based on approval from our moderators. You may also post anywhere else you want online. The Wealth Ripple graphic team does not send approvals based on the information you share. They also do not take suggestions as they will design your graphic to best represent you and the Wealth Ripple company. Posting, creation, or accepting your content for the post is at our sole discretion and we reserve the right to reject any post. You may contact us for a takedown of your image or last-minute error that you believe was made. Once you click submit, you will not be able to make adjustments or changes using the same form. Please type carefully.