Global Thought Leaders, High-Net-Worth, Expansive Knowledge, Contribution Driven

As a member of Wealth Ripple’s esteemed global network of wealth creators and preservers, you will have the valuable opportunity to gain insights from esteemed community members and thought leaders, access exclusive and unparalleled experiences, and forge connections with members spanning the globe.

Local Networking

Meet in person monthly with a local Group of up to 10 Members – your own personal board of directors. Engage in confidential and professional discussions facilitated by an experienced Chair who actively nurtures the Group and promotes peer-to-peer sharing.

Ripple Events

Experience the extraordinary at Wealth Ripple, where we orchestrate unrivaled gatherings in prestigious, hand-selected venues across the nation. All members from each group convene in one location for an unmatched event.

Online Membership

Connect with members and specific intrest groups.

Members Only

Exclusive offers that are available to members only.

High-Net-Worth members

Individuals who meet a minimum financial requirement.

Opportunities for JVs

Opportunities to connect with Joint Venture Partners.


How to join Wealth Ripple
Wealth Ripple offers membership to individuals with high integrity, expertise to offer their fellow Group Members, and an eagerness to engage with like-minded individuals.

Interested candidates can expect the following from the membership process:

  • A Wealth Ripple Staff member conducts an initial interview and an in-person meeting with the Group Chair to explore your interest in Wealth Ripple. This meeting helps determine if Membership is appropriate.
  • A successful meeting leads to an invitation to attend a confirmation Meeting. Prior to that, Member candidates must submit a Membership Application and pass a background check.
  • If both the Member and Chair agree on a fit, an invitation is extended.
  • On average, the membership process takes 30 days to complete.
What is the group setting like

This confidential group setting is a platform to exchange knowledge, information, investment strategies, and discuss the trends that effect the rippling of wealth.

The groups are small (12 or less) and lead by a group leader who assures that we cover a balanced list of topics and subject matters including world news updates, opportunities, and they welcome  the guest speaker selected for that monthly meeting.


What's the cost to join Wealth Ripple

Wealth Ripple yearly investment is $39,000. This investment covers the full year for all monthly meetings, chapter meetups, and number of additional special engagements produced by Wealth Ripple. This also includes the option to attend certain marked meetings in select cities by all members.

    Can we pitch our ideas for funding

    Wealth Ripple is built for the purpose of networking high-net-worth individuals. It's understandable that a membership seems like a sure fired way to join and pitch your ideas. Although, through networking you may have a conversation that turns into an opportunity for the members to invest, this is not the purpose of this group and is at the sole discretion of the members.

    In the event that an opportunity comes up that investors are willing to support, this must be disclosed to the other members (12) within your immediate group as transparency is one of our rules of enagement. It's important to maintain transparency to avoid potential conflicts with other members and their business dealings.


    Apply to be a member of this exclusive group.

    Event Calendar

    The Wealth Ripple event calendar is booked with online talks, events, and live stream content. You can stay up to day with events that are taking place with other groups.

    Simply click and decide if you want to attend an event in another city. Click submit and you’re registered.


    Manage Your Membership

    The Wealth Ripple app is built for members on the go that want to network and chat with other members. Create connectsions, register for Ripple Events, and more 24 hours a day.

    Also, you can access exclusive content from the video library, documents, industry talks, and more.

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    Let’s see if this is a good match for you. Submit the form on this page and a member of our team will be in touch to answer your question and discover a few more facts about you and your business.


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